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Blockchain mungkin sudah akrab di telinga kalian, tapi bagaimana dengan Blockchain Wallet? Ia adalah dompet kripto paling terpercaya di dunia. Penggunanya diberikan kendali penuh, dan Blockchain Wallet akan mencadangkan serta melindungi dana pengguna dari akses ilegal.

Blockchain telah bermitra dengan Paxos agar semua orang di dunia bisa mengakses dolar dengan merilis dolar digital, atau yang disebut USD PAX, ke dompet pemimpin pasar Blockchain.

Berikut adalah keunggulan Blockchain Wallet:

  1. Punya kemampuan menyimpan nilai stabil dalam USD PAX;
  2. Mengurangi resiko di pasar yang bergerak, mengelola inflasi mata uang lokal mereka, atau menetap dalam mata uang fiat di luar jam perbankan tradisional; dan
  3. Memberi akses gratis

Dengan Blockchain Wallet, kebebasan finasial jadi lebih nyata. Cepat dapatkan dolar digitalmu dan cadangkan di Blockchain Wallet!


Blockchain is probably already familiar to you, but what about Blockchain Wallet? It’s the most trusted crypto wallet in the world. The users are given full control, and Blockchain Wallet will back up and protect the user funds from ilegal access.

Blockchain has partnered with Paxos, so that everyone in the world can access dollar by releasing digital dollar, also known as USD PAX, to the wallet of the Blockchain market leader.

Here are some excellence of Blockchain Wallet:

  1. Has the ability to keep stable value in USD PAX;
  2. Decrease the risk in moving markets, manages their local currency inflation, or settling in fiat currency outside of traditional banking hours; and
  3. Gives free access.

With Blockchain Wallet, financial freedom feels more realistic. Get your digital dollar now and back it up in Blockchain Wallet!

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