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Vidy People - Mr. Vidy Introduction (Eduardo Rusli)


Success is a journey, not a destination. Live in times of change. Conquering every challenge and obstacle, This is a process in treading the path of success. Success is the meeting point between preparation and opportunity. This is when we must prepare for all the challenges of the times to come.

By developing self-competence, sharpening business intuition, as well as building extensive relationships and networking. because we don't never guessed when that opportunity would come. We should be grateful for all the changes that have occurred, because it actually gives us time to preparing myself. Because a new era is in sight. It's time we grabbed it. Whoever is able to prepare himself optimally, he is who will win the competition in the new era. Mr. Vidy - Eduardo Rusli I'm waiting for you at Vidy!

VIDYCOIN - REWARDING ECONOMY. "Gamifying Internet Experience"

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